Ivan Vejar

Ivan Vejar

Born in the exotic land of San Diego California, Ivan Vejar grew up with sketch paper and pencils.  He drew his way into college and focused on a degree in art.  While his studies sharpened his skill with the Conté Crayon, he borrowed his first camera from a friend, and immediately discovered that photography was like drawing with light, it was a perfect fit.  For the next four years, he ate, slept, and sweated photography.

After college, Ivan took a brief detour into the world of music, designing product, writing songs, and being part of an amazing show experience.  With a heavy touring schedule, two albums and some amazing musical gear, he led an amazing, rock and roll existence for over seven years.  These were the formative years of his style.

About a year away from throwing a television out of a hotel room, Ivan decided it was time to hang up the guitar and work on his creative life and career.  Heavy-hearted, he left the industry to pursue a life of the photographic creative professional.  Soon he found himself rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite, the most beautiful women in the world and some of the most interesting musicians in the world.

As photography and video became so closely linked, Ivan began to edit video.  These early videos caught the attention of a few production companies in Southern California, and these relationships have developed into great projects with the Plastiki expedition, Epic Records, Universal Records and Bell Helmets.

As Ivan has spent years developing his craft, he remembers the many influential tutors, instructors and photographers that have taken part in forming and influencing his style.  He has always left himself open and available to give advice to new photographers on their journey.